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Pharmacology. Illustrated textbook

Для каталогаAlyautdin R.N., Pharmacology. Illustrated textbook / ed. R. N. Alyautdin. - М. : ГЭОТАР-Медиа, 2020. - 312 с. - ISBN 978-5-9704-5665-1 - Текст : электронный // ЭБС "Консультант студента" : [сайт]. - URL : http://www.studentlibrary.ru/book/ISBN9785970456651.html (дата обращения: 09.04.2020). - Режим доступа : по подписке.
АвторыAlyautdin R.N.
Тип издания
Год издания2020
ПрототипЭлектронное издание на основе: Pharmacology. Illustrated textbook / ed. R. N. Alyautdin. - Moscow : GEOTAR-Media, 2020. - 312 p. - DOI: 10.33029/9704-5665-1-PHA-2020-1-312. - ISBN 978-5-9704-5665-1.
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АннотацияThis textbook contains information in all areas of general and specifi c pharmacology. The basic volume is preceded by the two references to world and Russian history of pharmacology which outline the key milestones of pharmacology development in the global and domestic framework.

The present textbook provides abundant visual aids: the text on one side of a page-spread is accompanied with an illustration on the other side. Such structure makes it easy for the reader to peruse the sketch, chart, or diagram without abandoning the text.

Notwithstanding the concise narrative, the textbook contains information on all drugs included in the academic program on pharmacology, as well as the new pharmaceutical products and lately established mechanisms of their action.

This book is intended for students of medical and pharmaceutical higher education institutions, physicians and pharmacists. It can also be instrumental for pharmacology educators in preparation for lectures and seminars.
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