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Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery

Для каталогаNikolaev A.V., Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery / Nikolaev A.V. - М. : ГЭОТАР-Медиа, 2018. - 672 с. - ISBN 978-5-9704-4549-5 - Текст : электронный // ЭБС "Консультант студента" : [сайт]. - URL : https://www.studentlibrary.ru/book/ISBN9785970445495.html (дата обращения: 21.09.2020). - Режим доступа : по подписке.
АвторыNikolaev A.V.
Тип изданияучебник
Год издания2018
ПрототипЭлектронное издание на основе: Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery : textbook / A. V. Nikolaev. - M. : GEOTAR-Media, 2018. - 672 p. - ISBN 978-5-9704-4549-5.
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АннотацияThe textbook provides topographic descriptions of organs and tissues in the regions of the human body strictly to the layer-by-layer principle and applies the terms from the latest official international anatomic nomenclature (AN, Rome, 1999) both in English and in Latin. It also lays out the most wide-spread surgical operations.

This edition includes cases and tests for self-assessment as well as over 400 fi gures, both original and modifi ed from other manuals.

The revised and improved textbook is designed for the third-fourth year English-speaking medical students.
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