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Environmental Analytical Control of Atmospheric Air: Study Guide

Для каталогаPopova, N. R. Environmental Analytical Control of Atmospheric Air : Study Guide / Popova N. R. , Bogolitsyn K. G. , Ivanchenko N. I. - Архангельск : ИД САФУ, 2015. - ISBN 978-5-261-01087-6. - Текст : электронный // ЭБС "Консультант студента" : [сайт]. - URL : https://www.studentlibrary.ru/book/ISBN9785261010876.html (дата обращения: 20.10.2021). - Режим доступа : по подписке.
АвторыPopova N.R., Bogolitsyn K.G., Ivanchenko N.I.
Тип изданиямонография
Год издания2015
ПрототипЭлектронное издание на основе: Environmental Analytical Control of Atmospheric Air: Study Guide / N.R. Popova, K.G. Bogolitsyn, N.I. Ivanchenko. - Arkhangelsk: Northern (Arctic) Federal University’s Publishing House, 2015. - 103 p. ISBN 978-5-261-01087-6.
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АннотацияPrepared by Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry. The study guide covers such basic stages of environmental analytical monitoring of the atmospheric air as sampling site selection, sampling, sample preparation and analysis. It also gives an overview of the main physical and chemical methods used in air monitoring. This tutorial is intended for the training of masters at the Master's Program Energy- and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry, and biotechnology
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