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In compliance of the International Law, Constitution of the Russian Federation and Federal Law No 323 of 21.11.2011 (as amended on 25.06.2012) "On Fundamental Healthcare Principles in the Russian Federation", everyone is eligible for healthcare and medical treatment. These rights are especially important in emergency situations taking place in times of peace or war.

In case of accidents, technological and natural disasters first aid can be required by a considerable number of casualties and must be provided immediately after actual injury or poisoning. The world experiences in managing the consequences of natural and technological disasters prove the factor of time to be the most important for saving humane lives within first minutes of emergency, when there are no rescue teams and medical services yet or they are too few to help all the victims. Very often the only chance to save the life is to fall back on the selfand peer-rescue. That is why it is necessary to be well prepared for first aid giving in emergency situations.

Algorithms of first aid are currently being changing in compliance of the results of new investigations, and Russian and European Guidelines. Besides, implementation of the new standards FSES 3 and FSES 3+ produced considerable modifications in the curriculum of the subject "Health and Safety, Disaster Medicine", including the module "First Aid" designed for the first-year medical students of tertiary institutions. The module mastering is finalized by the modular check-up. Educational programme in English has been implemented at Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University since 2013. Only during the year 2014 nearly 140 first-year foreign students studied the module "First Aid" at the Chair of Emergenct Medicine, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. Besides, it is only our University (besides the other tertiary institutions around the country) that annually trains a significant number of the foreign students as a part of the Russian-speaking groups. Until now there were neither course books nor study guides for the foreign students using English as an educational communication language to get prepared for the "First Aid" modular check-up. So the need in contemporary courseware eventually led to creation of this course book by the topics of the module "First Aid".

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